A Look at the Electrical Engineering Heavyweights

to the Exhibition Prizefighting Match between
Electrical Engineering Heavyweights
“Master of Lightning”
Nikola Tesla
“Wizard of Menlo Park”
Tom Edison

Proposed Rules

These rules are based on those of the London Prize Ring circa 1841, updated for modern recreational contests in the Manly Art of Pugilism.
  1. The arena shall be square between 24 and 14 feet, with the smaller rings providing a move “aggressive" contest.  The contest to be held either in a boxing ring, MMA cage, or on mats should a ring not be available. A line (“the scratch") shall be marked or taped in the center of the arena.
  2. A fair and impartial umpire shall be present in the ring to referee the contest and ensure fair play.
  3. Both pugilists being ready, each shall proceed to that side of the scratch closest to his corner.
  4. It shall be decided before the contest the length of a round, either timed or until one man is down, either as a result of having been thrown or knocked down or until one man surrenders by tap-out or by calling “hold!"
  5. After each round there shall be a rest period of thirty seconds (unless otherwise agreed upon). The umpire appointed shall then call “time;" either pugilist failing to be at the scratch within eight seconds, shall be deemed to have surrendered the battle.
  6. It shall be “a fair stand-up fight," and no pugilist shall deliberately fall down without receiving a blow; but this rule shall not apply to a pugilist who slips down from the opponent's grasp to avoid punishment during a clinch.
  7. Headbutting shall be deemed foul, and the party resorting to this practice shall be deemed to have lost the battle.
  8. A pugilist with one knee and one hand on the ground, or with both knees on the ground, shall be deemed down; and a blow given in either of those positions shall be considered foul, providing always, that when in such position, the pugilist so down shall not himself strike or attempt to strike.
  9. Any blow struck below the waistband shall be deemed foul, and seizing an antagonist below the waist, by the thigh or otherwise, shall be deemed foul.
  10. All attempts to inflict injury by gouging and biting shall be deemed foul.
  11. That kicking, or deliberately falling on an antagonist with the knees or otherwise when down, shall be deemed foul.
  12. That striking with the elbows or forearms, or using the knees to strike the antagonist while both pugilists are standing, shall be deemed legal only by agreement between all parties prior to the match (a.k.a. “Oriental Rules")
  13. That unsportsmanlike behavior including swearing shall be deemed foul.
  14. That all stage fights be as nearly as possible in conformity with the foregoing rules.


12 oz boxing or MMA gloves
Headgear (optional)

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