A Peek at the Silent Auction

Semi-Silent Auction of Unusual and Curious Items
A silent auction is a variant of an English auction where bids are written on a sheet of paper. At the predetermined end of the auction the highest listed bidder wins the item. This auction is often used in charity events, with many items auctioned simultaneously with a common finish time.

Our Semi-Silent auction will occur in three phases, with the most Interesting, Intriguing, and Valuable items in the third and final phase. It is “Semi-Silent” in that there is no auctioneer, but the names of winning bidders in Phases Two and Three will be announced to the Thrill of All.

Many excellent people and organizations have donated fine and interesting items to our auction.
Par example:

  • Interactive Art by Kyle McKinley
  • Dinner for Two at India Joze
  • Geek Date: An Evening of Gothic Horror Adventure with Wes
  • Geek Date: An Evening of Firefly with Alex
  • A Selection of Fine Wines from Brooks Family Vineyard
  • Professional Photo Portrait by Insurgent Photo
  • Art by Russell Brutsche
  • Upcycled Bike Jewelry by TheInnerWorks
  • Steam-punk Jewelry by Mai Swift
  • Blender 3D Tutoring
  • Limited Edition Woodcut Prints by Bonnie Jean Primbsch
  • Artisan Handcrafted Voltaic Lantern by Benjamin Osen
  • ComicDrive: A Immense Compilation of Dark, Intense Graphic Stories
  • Dr. Thunder's Peachy Fire Whiskey
  • Deep Tissue Massage by Amy Courtney
  • Techno-Destruction: Nuke-rowave an IPOD
  • Techno-Destruction: Evil Smart Phone LG Incite
  • Geek Date: An Afternoon of Tarot and Tea with Jen
  • Techno-Destruction: Office Space Fax Machine Revenge
  • Hard Apple Cider from Eight Eleven Cellars
  • Geek Date: An Afternoon of Cross-Country Adventure, Mushroom Hunting, and Picnic with Jeff
  • Art by Jennifer Fleming

If you are interested in donating items to the Semi-Silent Auction, please contact ubew000@gmail·com

The Fine Print

(All this stuff will be on the auction catalog, so don't sweat it... unless, of course, you like to sweat these kind of things.)
  1. Phase One bidding begins at 6pm and ends at 7pm.
  2. Phase Two bidding begins at 6pm and ends at 8:15pm
  3. Phase Three bidding begins at 6pm and ends at 9:15pm
  4. Anyone may bid and may bid on as many items as they wish.
  5. Bid sheets are displayed near each item. Print your name and contact info legibly on the first available blank line. Please remember to read the descriptions carefully. Some items have restrictions (i.e. age).
  6. The first bid must be at least the minimum. Use round dollar amounts.
  7. To raise the bid, it must be by at least the minimum increment on the bid sheet. Use round dollar amounts.
  8. Be sure that your bid is always the highest. Write new bids on the next available line.
  9. If the bid sheet fills up, additional sheets will be provided by auction volunteers. Do not write on the back of bid sheets.
  10. As each phase of the bidding ends, make sure your final bids are made by then.
  11. After the end of each phase is announced, check the board near the entry door to see if you your bids have won.
  12. Pay for items at the end of the evening (about 9:45pm). Go to the cashier table in the hall. Payment may be made by cash or check. We will not accept payment by credit or debit card. A cashier will give you a receipt to claim your item.
  13. Claim your items by taking your paid receipt to the pick-up table.
  14. Wining auction items will not be available for pickup until after the last auction item in the third and final phase is announced.
  15. Payment in full is required before you may receive your items.
  16. Be sure to read the back page of this catalogue for the fine print and important tax information.
  17. Your generosity supports radical tech collectives Riseup and UBEW.

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