Announcements and Ephemera for the Press and the Public

You are invited to spread the word about this spectacular event. Posters and handbills are below.

Posters and Handbills

We encourage you to print and distribute these posters designed by Skilled Craftspersons apprenticed in the Typographic and Illustrative Arts.

Dinner and Auction Top Hat Flier (Fancy paper edition)

Dinner and Auction Top Hat Flier (Black and white edition)

A Brief Notice for Wireless Operators

The sponsors of this event authorize the following Official Notice to be broadcast on the wireless:

On Saturday, December 11, a local tech collective,  UBEW, will be hosting an unusual evening of food, auction, and performance.  This historic costume benefit will feature an elegant three-course dinner, a semi-silent auction of unusual items, stimulating music, and an exhibition boxing bout between Nikola Tesla and Tom Edison. At the Pacific Cultural Center, 1307 Seabright Ave in Santa Cruz, at 6pm. For more info, go to UBEW DOT ORG.

A Longer Notice for News Journals and Press Operators

The sponsors of this event authorize the following Official Notice to be printed in Newspapers and Broadsheets throughout the Area.

An Evening of Extraordinary Proportions: A Benefit for UBEW and

On Saturday, December 11, 2010, a local Santa Cruz tech collective will be hosting an unusual evening of food, auction, and performance. UBEW is holding its first ever fundraiser to support a goal of empowering people to use technology in a way that is sustainable, collaborative, and liberating.

The event will be held at the Pacific Cultural Center, 1307 Seabright Ave in Santa Cruz, at 6pm. Tickets are available on a sliding scale of $20 to $45 and can be purchased online at or at the door. The evening will consist of 19th Century formal/steam punk dress, an elegant three-course dinner, a silent auction of Unusual and Curious Items, and finally, an exhibition boxing match between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

“On the night of this event, Mr. Edison and Mr. Tesla will settle their historic dispute like gentlemen ," said Elizabeth Burchfield, an organizer of the event. A hundred years ago, these two electrical engineering heavyweights engaged in fierce campaigns in support of their respective inventions, direct current and alternating current . “Several rounds of fisticuffs will settle the infamous War of the Currents."

A three course vegetarian dinner will be served, featuring fresh seasonal produce from local farms and orchards. Throughout the dinner, the event will feature a three-phase “semi-silent" auction featuring a wide-range of Unusual and Curious Items, including art from local artists, “geek dates," donated items from local merchants, libations, and opportunities to destroy frustrating technology.

Attendees of the event are encouraged to dress in historically-inspired costumery, including 19th Century and Victorian formal wear, SteamPunk, and its many derivatives. “Ambiance is an important element of this event. We firmly suggest that attendees put Thought and Imagination into their preparations for this Unusual Event, " said Burchfield. The organizers have put together a guide from which attendees may draw costume ideas at

About UBEW
UBEW is a Santa Cruz County based, collectively-run, all-volunteer, non-profit organization, that provides support to groups making social change through direct participation, community involvement, and education. With a focus on educating people about responsible and sustainable uses of technology that work toward a viable future, UBEW offers free technology classes for both youth and adults.

UBEW also helps create open source projects that empower people, encourage diversity, and strengthen communities. For example, UBEW is currently working on web development for a local free educational project and network support for groups working to create a community crisis response team.

The event is a joint benefit for, a Seattle-based non-profit organization that provides online communication tools for people and groups working on social change. Riseup is a project to create democratic alternatives to commercial technical infrastructure.

For more information contact Elizabeth Burchfield at or 831-272-4225

Photos available upon request