A Notice to the Public

The sponsors of this event authorize the following Official Notice to be broadcast on the wireless and printed in Newspapers and Broadsheets throughout the Area.
“UBEW, a local radical tech collective in Santa Cruz, California, is hosting a joint benefit for Riseup, a non-profit provider of tech services to the radical community. It promises to be a spectacular & historic evening of unusual proportions. A costume benefit featuring an elegant three-course dinner, a semi-silent auction of most unusual items, stimulating music, and an exhibition boxing bout between Nikola Tesla and Tom Edison, resolving the Historic ‘War of the Currents.’ The event happens on the evening of December 11th at the Pacific Cultural Center. Tickets are available now for $20 to $35 and space is limited. Historic eveningwear is strongly encouraged. One can get more information on the Aetherweb at benefit.ubew.org”

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